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Automatically publishes messages to the Telegram channel according to the specified schedule or interval. Unlike deferred posts, you don’t need to set a publication date for each post. You set up the schedule once and just add new posts to the queue.
For convenient organization of the queue, the following functions are available:
* schedule — you can set a schedule, for example, so that posts are published only during the day from 12 to 20 at even hours of 30 minutes and only on weekdays
* message priority — you can set a priority for each message, thereby raising or lowering it in the queue
* auto-caption — you can set a text that will be automatically added to all posts. It is possible to add text at the beginning of the message and at the end
* text filter — if you “borrow” content from other channels, you will definitely need this function. You can use it to filter the text of the message — delete hashtags, channel names, or replace one word with another
* publication on the exact date — it is often necessary for the post to be published at exactly the specified time.
* time in the “top” — messages from the queue will not be published to the channel during this time
* automatic deletion of the post — the publication will be automatically deleted from the channel after a specified period of time
* information — you can see when the next message will be published, the number of messages and the date of the last message

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